Karnan movie- A review.

Let’s talk about some lighthearted stuff for the movie buffs out there!

What’s it about?

It’s a gritting movie loosely revolving around the 1995’s ‘Kodiyankulam violence’^2 in Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu and the causes – effects and repercussions of that event.

Courtesy:- IMDB.com

Some nooks and crannies

It’s a 2.40hrs short movie starring Illaya Superstar Dhanush, written & directed by Mari Selvaraj, Music by Santosh Narayanan.


Character devolepments is one thing worth commending, wherein right from the main protagonist, ‘Karnan’ to side characters, his uncle ‘Yeman Thatha’ has done the right justice to their roles.

The musical score was absolutely amazing. The way the music has fused unto the emotionally nerve-wracking scenes and blended beautifully to the picturesque scenery of rural Tamil Nadu is a sound to be hold!

Courtesy:- IMDB.com

The best part about the movie is about the subtlety with they have shown Casteism-Suppression-Revolt, clearly giving out the message, ‘We do no harm’, not to the victims, nor to the perpetrators.

The cinematography is very well done, with once scene merging unto others seamlessly, especially the scenes where they have had black & white theme is a sight worth noting.

Symbolism shown was class apart, worth mentioning is the ‘Cutting Donkey’s roped legs’, which was essentially the turning point in the movie.


The movie is basically a small tip of the iceberg of the facts and incidents that had occurred, it may have been much better if more of the truths were to be portrayed into its making.

Courtesy:- IMDB.com

Who should watch it?

All my Tamizhan brothers and sisters out there. Period.

Other than that,

Anyone who likes

  • Cultural historical
  • Dhanush
  •  The trio of Action-Romance-Drama

Anyone who wants to know more about

  • Casteism and Supression  
  • Violence against Dalits
  • Some Truths of Tamil Nadu

Let’s dive into some deep conversation.

Courtesy:- IMDB.com

Why you should care about something which happened in a place you can’t even spell?

I would like start by quoting a line from the famous satirical novel, ‘Animal Farm’, penned by, George well, ‘All humans are not equal, some are more equal than others.’

When I look at myself, sitting in a comfortable arm chair on the high-rise building looking outside through my flowers laded garden unto the scene of the City which never sleeps, it makes me wonder, how can life be so extremely unfair to some?

It sends shivers unto my spine when I look upon, some villages, in interiors of Thoothukudi district, still struggling for their basic rights,
still grappling with the life they have got to make it better, atleast for their children, or their grandchildren.

Why do humans like to inflict pain unto others and enjoy their sufferings?
How the world would have been if the pandora’s box was never opened?

Can you imagine an Earth, wherein, when you open your eyes tommorow morning, and every human practises humanity and ‘Loves thy Neighbor?’

What our bleeding Earth needs now of all things, is, Love, true love.

Because only true love can bring eternal peace.

P.S. This is post is not intended to hurt any communities/state/nation. Any mistakes here are highly regretted.

References: –

  1. The Movie itself.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1995_Kodiyankulam_violence


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