Are Airports an area of anxiousness, or is it just me?

After traveling to different places in various ways of transportation right from share auto to Rajdhani express, one can feel the vibes of vehicle.
As I look around in Trichurapalli (TRZ) airport waiting for boarding, I can’t help notice, the palpable anxiousness.

It’s as if everyone be seated here is stressed out.
(Of course what I say now and ahead may be wrong, nevertheless)
It’s as if all are tensed and riled up, compared to the free, peppy aura of any Indian railway station.
It’s as if one feels she’s being looked upon, watched or judged.

It’s as if you can’t be yourself in these fancy modes of transportation, you mandatorily need to done a mask.
A mask of sophistication.
A mask of
Contrast to feeling canned up in here , I genuinely miss the open air of train terminus.

Everyone acts so wierd while hailing here.
It’s as if they are not themselves.

Is it just me, or even you, my friend, feel some of it?


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