Like an incense stick life burns.

Just like an aromatic incense stick, our life slowly burns away without us realising it.

It’s sad that, when we do, it’s the end of the line till then.

Like the tip, when we are born, knowing nothing of the world, naive, innocent little babies, we start our journey, with the fiery spark, the blessing of our parents.

Only after you have lived enough, one starts to realise, our purpose or to say, one of the purposes of human life, was to spread fragrance around till the D-Day.

Or rather, counter-intuitively, if we all are going to die, we might as well be cheerful and spread mirth along with the steps on the long beach of life right?

Similar to the incense stick, our ability to spread light and joy increases as we go through life.
Because we need to have self-awareness, consciousness and cognizance about life to understand it, and it comes through either, life thyself, books, experiences, listening, observing, living it fully.

The most important thing incense stick teaches us about is – the Oblivion, the end, the Death.
We are bound to turn to humble ashes to be blown away in the dust of life.

So mate, till the fire is still burning, shall we make the joyride scented and sweet?

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
A Curious Otaku.

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