Increase Your Will Power – a YT Review

It’s a nice simply silly video.
What are my thoughts and opinions about it?

We need true friends to discuss life, careers and dreams.
It’s only through symbiosis that we humans can prosper and grow.

Talk about money
It’s high time everyone talks about Financial literacy. The sad thing about money is that everyone talks about it but nobody understands it. It’s such a basic necessary skill that almost no one pays attention to but affects one’s life the most.

Only when you know you are going to die, you live dil se.

Struggle and Success stories sell the most
Almost everyone likes to hear success stories.
It’s as if you want to sell a brand, give a series of talks on how excruciating the struggle was, and lo behold, you create a niche of people rooting for you.
Just like in reality shows, where only the harsh stories are shown.

My scepticism
I sometimes wonder whether the struggles of so-called speakers are for real or are they overblown for the sake of lecture and showing how great their product/company/life is.

Never give up
I like the note on not giving up.

I agree here, it’s worth not giving up.

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja
A Sceptical Otaku

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