Those eyes. Those eyes.

It’s a poem dedicated to all the women having beautiful black mascara – kajal laden eyes.

It’s a tribute to God for making the most magical attribute of Women.

Why make them so beautiful, that one skips his step and trips over, like a fool.

Why make them so magical, that one takes a breathe and forgets to exhale, lose his call.

Why make them so cute, that he becomes a blushing brute.

Why make them so deep, that makes him want to swim unto it.

Why make it so black, that he’s dumbfounded like a crack.

Why make it so pretty, that he gets all jittery.

Why make it so lovely, that he becomes more lively.

Why make it so pure, that all he does is adore.

Why make them so deadly, that he falls for it madly.

Why make it so warm, that he’s mesmerized by her charm.

Why make it so enchanting, that his eyes, keep chanting.

Why make it so graceful, that makes him Bow, and be grateful.

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
a lover of life.


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