That is why my friend, you shouldn’t wake up to reality

Do you have a dream?
Then you must know about your desires.

A human being is lifeless without desires, without dreams

I realise through various forms of life experimentation,
Humans need desire, without which, they cannot live. period.

It is a crucial and critical part of existence, one that we rarely notice, let alone pause on thinking about our existence. For men many, it scares them. It makes brittle as if you wake up one morning at 9.27 am and it comes to you, that you thought you are living with your free will, and all the choices you made were by you, leading to the point in life that you are in, all these and much more… comes to standstill.

And it comes to you, you are nothing but a puppet in the vast world of certain uncertainties.

Your version of the world that you were living in, is just a result of certain unseen, unsaid rules of Mother Nature, the Cosmos and least, society.

Bring back on the topic – Desire! Is one such rule.
Don’t think so?

Let’s prove it in three steps in 2 mins.
1. Take your right hand. (Yeah shift the phone to the other one.)
2. Bring your Index finger and thumb at the ala of the nose.
3. Pinch it softly for just … 2 mins.

Without the primal desire to breathe, we all humans will be dead right after we land on this earth after 9 months of blissful ignorance.

One may argue that it is a need to breathe, just like eating and sleeping.
But let me point it out, the need is a noun and the desire is a verb.
Meaning without desires, even our needs will be meaningless.

Now delving deeper, we need to have that desire and need in us, much like Ying Yang one cannot exist without the other. Without the underlying need and the constant forthcoming desire we, for that matter any living matter, would not live.

Now, this goes as basic as it goes for our basic needs.
By the way, we never realise we function on the rules created by the cosmos all the time we exist within her.
Good that we foolish humans don’t pay attention, for one eternal saying, ignorance is surely bliss.
A bliss so much gratifying that it drives us enough not to kill ourselves and complete the cycle of life.
Life and Death.

Now coming to the subtler aspects of it.
Once we are done with our survival, our desires run out, they disappear since the need has been duly fulfilled. We have a need to be added upon by further needs over the basics ones that we already function on.
After food, clothing, and shelter, it is time for relationships.

Taking a detour one realises the life we live in is very much structured like a game on infinite pursuit unto death. Our pursuits never end, dear death conveniently puts the pursuiter at rest. Once and for all.
Or is it?

I think these would do for the time being. A little nudge to our careless existence.
I would be talking about it in the upcoming nights.
Do you care to listen?
Rather do you want to listen?


Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
The one who experiences.

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