Why you should always consult experts before you embark on something new?

Why you should always consult experts before you embark on something new?

Why one should not indulge in hyper-independent vehemence.

… Storytime…

It’s almost been a decade since our home got a makeover.
So we started interviewing different contractors for the same.
And I have been meaning to call my dear friend, let’s name him PG, Parle G.

But while being productive and self-reliant and overtly hyper independent I didn’t call him at the right time.

After I signed the contract and the formalities, when I spoke to him with a wide smile and proud puffs of air, it soon faded into a poker face and a feeling of utter stupidity.
I was feeling like that kid who gallantly shows his Hot wheels car to another kid only to realise, the UK is not the United Kingdom, but the UlhasNagar Kingdom.

I came to know so many things were wrong with the contract!


Top 3 learnings
1. Consult your expert friends.

Call them up. Ping them. Listen to what they have to say.
You won’t even realise how much time, energy and money you will say.

2. Being independent is good but don’t let it smother you.

Often in the heat of being hyper-independent, we negate the idea of taking help from others.
We don’t like to be helped.
But it’s okay. Really.

3. Research
Be it home decor or finding your co-founder, do your homework right. Don’t stop until you get the gut feeling of you have done enough. And then delay no more and plunge into action.

P.S. There’s a difference between knowing to keep your eyes and ears open and doing that.

Has this happened to you as well!? What do you think?


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