How to be productive monthly?

Are you doing it right?

Having a productive month!?

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

– Alexander Graham Bell

Since it is a new month, a new beginning,
Here I was sitting my tashreef down, planning the POA for the month.

It’s a sunny & breezy afternoon outside like the one in which you would love to play crazy Holi with your friends running around frantically, aiming for the back, but the water balloon misses, painting the soil Gulaal, Earth which in turn throws at you, the soft smell of Mitti di Khusboo, i.e Petrichor.
(Nostalgia much?)

Coming back to the task at hand, Planning!
Uff, such a dry word. When someone even thinks to say it, the entire water in your throat evaporates before you come up with a legitimate plan.

How to be more productive?
How to plan your month?
How to get more things done?

Well, it starts much before that.
If you look around you, (within you), you realize, that most people are simply too much short-sighted.

They tend to only look at the task which is the near future. Well, it is not bad to be, too much and only doing this, will strip you away from the perspective one gets while he/she looks at mid-term/long-term goals.

Everyone is so busy in their footsteps that they fail to realize it’s the entire path, the whole voyage which matters at the end of our times.
Often we get lost in autopilot mode. Surfing through life on a day-to-day basis.

One may argue that each step taken makes up the whole, agreed, but if one keeps the chin up, and looks ahead, he may choose to lift one footstep higher, the other longer, or not take a footstep at all, ultimately leading to take a completely different journey.

Now that’s why my friends, it matters.

Top 3 ways you can be more productive every month
1. Brain Dump
Make a note of all the things that you want to do be it in a notebook or apps like google keep.

2. Sort it in a Monthly Planner
Give dedicated time, place, and person to your tasks. Give them their own identity.

3. Review
Before planning review it and after the month ends do the same. Give yourself constant feedback.

Bonus tip:
Plan your month a week/days before, so when the new month comes, you can rock & roll.

I hope this has helped you in some way 🙂

What are your productivity hacks?
How do you manage your time?

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
the one who hustles.


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