If leaving the campus doesn’t make you cry, you haven’t lived a college life

It is as if we were all baby birds chirping cheerfully yesterday, then tomorrow we need to pack up our back and fly out of our home, our college; unto an unknown, strange sky.

When you hit the first step here, the trees greet you with their gentle rustling.

When you take a breath here, the breeze swells you up with warmth.

When you look up, the stars are showering their protective spells upon you.

When you try to find your way, the signage by the road, find you and guides you.

When you enter the hostel, the walls welcome you with a hug.

When you get into your room, she snuggles you up and sings you a lullaby.

When you eat in the canteen, the simple poha puts a smile on your face.

When you sleep late, your roommate’s alarm wakes you up.

When you walk towards the lecture halls, the ancient benches calm your heart down.

When the professor comes up, you feel like a Wizard, Harry potter yourself.

When you do your first night out, even the warden yells, ‘get out, and your buddies cheer you up aloud.

When you try the first things, you realise, how much you act like stupid beings.

When you have late-night talks, nothing compares to it, with a walk

When you propose, that’s when your life gets its course.

When you fall in love, poor soul, in the hell you dove.

When your heart is broken, your friends make sure something else too.

When you pass out, bless the soul, which cleans your lot.

When the exams are prime, the sleep is forsaken for another time.

When you are done with the last year, you wish for just one more year.

When you enter the hospital, you feel like an adult already.

When you live like an intern, you feel like a helpless, naive kitten.

When you graduate, you realise that it is getting real.

When your juniors give you farewell, you feel the big brother flowing out of you.

When you chill in the evenings, you realise, you are going to miss these innings.

When you are on the terrace, the city drenched in the cold night gives you a kiss.

When you leave the campus, you feel like you are leaving your own mother.

When you have to get up and move out, you feel like somebody is dragging you, from her soothing lap, away.

When you finally start to fly, that’s when you realise, she was nursing you all these times.
You can never go back.

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
The one who feels.

Shirgaon Subcenter

@20th December 2021

Will to make a change


Auto drivers

Staff Smita Ingle
CHO Yasmine Shaikh

Tuesdays – Home visit and Aangaasi
Thursday- ANC
1st Wednesday and 2nd Friday every month- Vaccination of Peds and AnC

6 Aanganwadi, 12 Padi
Village:- Khila pada, Shirgaon

Home visit

Asha worker has the list of beneficiaries

1. Infants
2. ANC
3. PNC + Newborn
4. Pre schooler
5. Adolescent

HBNC Home based Newborn care –
Baby Checkup
Breastfeeding check
Mothers child
Immunization card
Food habits
Health talk
Family history- NCDs

Aanganwadi visits
Under ICDS,
Integrated Child Development Scheme
Basically to prevent Malnutrition
Nutrition:- Food
Check ht charts

Food:- Menu as per day, Surprise visit to check the quality of food
Education:- check what are they teaching them

Adolescent females:- Supplements

She too has the record

Gynaecologist refer

Satpati PHC

Asha worker
Act as depot
Stock:- ORS , PCM, Condoms.
Asha worker gives them condoms.
Health education.
Early registration.
0-5 year beneficiaries
The link between the

1 ASHA/Every 1 thousand

MPW- Multipurpose Worker
Field work- Survey,
Fever survey,
Well water samples
Vector borne diseases

As a M.O.
Responsibility of PHC



1. The real crusaders

Ht at BP pulse
Blood collections

Pedal Edema Albumin


Marathi Buzz words
1. Paali – Menstrual Cycle
2. Padi- community housing with 10-20 homes eg. Maali agar, Chandhali pada, Bhandari pada

Bandate subcenter

General health camp
71 kids
Stunting,Wasting and Malnourished, underweight grossly noticeable
Dental problems, caries

1. Call up sister before

Dipika Maushi
Bhoir sister ANM
Shilpa sister

ST, Tribal
Compulsory vaccination

Bandate, Kelva, Zhanroli
15pade small settlements
5 school, 7 Anganvadi, 1 Mini Aanganvadi

Subcentre and Aanganvadi are always hand in hand

Subcentre delivery compulsory

Immunization drive
2nd Friday, 3rd Wednesday

1. Labour
2. ANC
3. Immunization

Nearby dam
Bhaiya log
Local government

IT’s the Last lap! C’mon, you can do it doc!

P.S. I dedicate this to my friend, co-intern, who’s one step away from breaking down.

Credits: Pinterest

There comes a time in the life of an intern, when she or he thinks of giving up.
Thinks she can’t do it anymore.
Thinks she’s done with it.
But when she raises her head to see the horizon, realises there are loads of laps to be run.

And it is okay to feel this way.
It is okay to feel exhausted from the internship.
It’s okay to feel not to want to do it anymore.

We all are humans after all.
Just running and trying to save lives wearing the white cape.
We all are literally babies who just got out of med school trying to walk on the
path of being the Doctor.

You have done a great job doc! We all are super proud of you.
The very fact that you are interning is an achievement on its own accord.

Going through the grilling obstacle course of NEET-UG->1st to 4th year->Internship is absolutely not an easy task.
Mind you, not everyone can do what you have done girl!
C’mon give yourself a pat on your back.

Just one more step.
Just one more day.
Just one more patient.
You know right? We are in this together.
Let’s see it through the end of the line.

You can do it.
You can make it my friend.
I believe in you.
We believe in you.

While the battle is far from over.
It is perhaps the end of the beginning.
Soon we shall wear huge responsibility of being the Doctor whether in the form of PG or M.O or IAS.
And it will be a lifelong one.
It wouldn’t be a trial tussle of 365 days as this one.
But one of huge magnitude, of stellar consequences.
So my friend let’s strive to equip our arsenals and get ready for the holy war with the most heartwarming smile.
Because that’s who it is won.

This war shall be won by three things.

It shall be won by Love.Warmth.Care.

And yes of course, I was speaking of life, not your profession.

An Intaan’s guide to surviving Palghar postings


Hello, My dear GMCites,
Here, We shall be updating you about our Palghar postings.

Food diaries
Mi Hay Koli
Garib Nawaz Hotel
Poonam Bhojanalay

For Chats and Snacks
Janta chat


Be careful while walking at nights, night dog freak accidents are highly possible.

Must haves!
Anti Mosquito kit
Believe me when I saw the Palghar mosquitos are direct descendants of the dinosaurs!

Return Journey
Palghar to Mumbai Central

Then directly
12.14 pm
1.17 pm

***The little things***

Take the Night MEMU train
And sit on the whole open window.
The raat journey is worth thousand trips.

The Vaitarna travel
After you pass Virar station, you are greeted with Happie Farm lands glistened with fog, with a mystical backdrop of the sleeping hills.
It’s as if you are suddenly teleported from a Speedy Metro to a Saunter country side.

If you want to breathe 100% pure pollution free air, lower your white masks and take deep breaths while the train is passing through Pannju Island enroute the Beautiful Vasai Creek.

Don’t miss out the magical train journey in the woo hours of the morning,
It’s misty-cal!
Feel the cold breeze kissing your body.
The warm sun hugging you tight.
And the beating heart keeping you alive.

You will appreciate the clean water under the bridges of Palghar as compared to the poor Pollluted ones in Mumbai.

Wanna feel like kid again? Rather wanna play with your inner kid?
Swing gleefully at the Red iron gate.
Trust me, with each swing your heart hugs you tighter.

***How to handle patients***

Past ho

02 saturation

If not understanding, call M.O.

Patient at Orange chair
One relative with patient one outside



Write CT reference letter,
HRCT done free at Char Rasta, Green Diagnostics
CT score
To give or not, Remedesivir

CT score
Total:- 5 lobes having 5 point

02 Cylinder –
Jumbo- 12/min for 8 hrs
Dura- >12/min

Death protocol
Family breaking bad news
Body packing done by BMC
Cemetery, Incineration

Long Covid
We repeat WBC,

***Facilities at the RHTC***
Mother and Child
Dental facilities
Every speciality

ANC every Wednesday, Health talks and check up

Triple H
Urine Protiens

The Healthcare Pyramid
Earlier, 10 sub center now, 6
Subcenter- 25k
Primary hc- 50k
Rural – 1 L

Students who Intern here
Nursing – Anm, gnm
Bpmt- in PSM, as posting
Degrees not much, NGOs

PG Duties
Water treatment plant
Sewage treatment
Fish storage
Peripheral PHCs

Salt plantations- Occupational hazard, ocular problems

Community health officer
Most active people participation

Brief history of our Hospital.

1948-Ramabhai Danderkar Nursing home, brahmin family for tribal community, maternity care,

1950- Hospital donated Bombay Mother and Child society, NGO

1951- NGO donated to GMC, since PHC was required

1956- Administration building was

1970 DMER separated from Public health, administration
Came under DMER

Dchc- before cesearean, TL, hysterectomy was done
Awarded best maternity unit in Palghar

16 beded maternity ward

6 sub center
OPD and Programs

Coming to the present,
the DCHC is a
50 O2 beded COVID hospital.

Dear GMCite, got anything more to add?
Please, do let us know!

Stay tuned.
Jeeyo Dil se:).

This article is for general information purposes only.
It is not meant to hurt any person, institution or entity.
Any information may change without prior notice.
Please visit the hospital or contact the office for further details.
This article is meant just to help people out.

It’s scary to think about PG.

It’s scary to think about how in 4 months, we all will be done with our GMC, our graduation, our college life.

This thought is sinking one sand grain at a time unto my thick Indian skull. And everytime I pass by this unwanted guest of a thought, it scares me.

You ask what? I don’t know. May be it is scary that I will be leaving home again, and will live among strange new people.

May be it is scary that I will be moving out of hostel, the friends, the canteen, the lecture halls, the terrace.

May be it is scary that I have to outgrow my belonging which I have been since 6 years.

6 years is sure enough to make a grown up man cry while bading good byes to your mates, your college life.

May be it is scary that I have to be with new people, live in a new place, work in a new setup, eat at new resto, it’s intimidating that I have to leave all my familiarities that have gathered all these years.

May be it is scary to pop out of the safe confinements of this campus.

Facing ones fear is a part of that shitty adulting right. So let’s face it.

Yes, my life here in college is done. Now I have to unfurl my wings again and fly to a new oasis.

And it’s okay to be scared my amigo.

If anything college life has taught me is, ‘Life goes on.’

All that matters from here now, to be here in the moment, buckle up the seatbelt, and enjoy the ride, dil se.

P.S. Do listen to the beautifully apt song ‘Udd ja Parindey’ from soulful Jubin Nautiyal, composed by talented Mithoon, it will hit you on different level, trust me.

Yours Only, Dinesh Raja, A proud GMCite.


Kharekuran Sub center

How to reach

Deboarding from the Palghar station, on the west side, head north, towards the Fresh Macchi market, at the end of it you will find neatly parked Dum-Dums waiting for you.

Fee:- ₹15-20

Tip:- Ask the driver to drop you at ‘Kharekhuran chi Sarkari Davakhana.’

Kharekuran village
8 padi, Vikas nagar, vikas wadi and more

Does loads of ground work
Asha worker

Ayushman Bharat
Every Subcentre

Backwater fishing, Prawns farming
MIDC Palghar, Boisar

NCD screening
Adolescent screening

Surveys are frequently done here

Pretty Palghar

Palghar (About this soundpronunciation (help·info)) is a town in the Konkan division of Maharashtra.Palghar lies in the busy Mumbai-Ahmedabad rail corridor.

The People

Vadval is the most numerous community present, are descendants of Yadava dynasty of Devagiri who established themselves here.

The Koli (fishermen) community of Palghar is a reminder of the city’s links with the Arabian sea.


1. Shree Dutt snacks 2. Beyond Temptation 3. Anam


1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palghar

2. https://www.tripadvisor.in/Tourism-g1209167-Palghar_Palghar_District_Maharashtra-Vacations.html

Home Sickness Sleeping Syndrome

After sleeping straight for 14.5 hrs., on the pretext of being tired, I (literally) woke up to the realization that I was missing home. And sleeping was just an escape.

I come hostel around 6.30 pm yesterday, after slogging my ass at the Surgery ward 18, since 9 am, gave my best today since it was the last day of my rotation and I will be joining Orthopedics from the day after.
It was a splendid day, did Blood collections, wrote some discharges and Revived a (suspected Cardiac arrest ? )gasping patient.
Since it was the final day here, I conversed for a long time with my patients (I pray that Krishna* cracks UPSC! He’s suffered a lot already), my nurses and my residents.

When you stay in a hostel you devise up tonnes of the reason for sleeping long, lying like a log of driftwood on the Arabian sea. Mine was, well, ‘I wasn’t feeling like getting up.’

slept at around 7.3opm, friends came bashing at the door stating for a dinner out, bleh, I declined, and went back to my heavenly abode, 10 pm Appa rings and checks whether I am alive or not, at 6.33 am I check whether I am alive or not, then at 9.3o finally, I am done, I am done with sleeping or the excuse of avoiding life altogether.

It hit me hard, all the while, I was feeling sad.
I was feeling empty and touchy, was hugging my bear the whole night, without even realizing that.
I was feeling as if a child has been locked at home, waiting for her parents return.
I was missing home.

It was the feeling of homesick that made me sick with sleep all night.

If you ask hostel people what are their dreams, what they want to do after graduation, contrary to what localite say, that being, Becoming the best Surgeon, Opening up an interior design company, starting up at startup, most humble hostelites, reply, they want a
good, happy, home.

When I used to be a localite I used to not give a second glance to it, but now, when I have become a full time hostelite, I realize the deep emotions, feelings, and hope attached to the latter responses and the word – Home.

“Only hate the road when you’re missing home”- Passenger

Like the way the English band Passenger has beautifully described in their song, “Let her go”, how, the absence of something makes you value the presence of it, only a hostelite knows the true value of the home.
Well, we, most of the localite, just take it for granted.

When you realise your home, is 1,655.7 km far, near the Cape Comorin, aka Kanyakumari, you literally start making plans to do when you get back home, you seek every opportunity to escape, you sketch how you want to get ‘settled’.

Nothing beats a good home when are done with your tough workday eh, maybe that’s why they taught us when
we were kids, ‘Home Sweet Home.

So for all of you out there, who are at the home, express and shower your love when you are still around.

And for all of us, who aren’t, fear not,
Apna time ayega.

[Also do let me know the crazy planning’s you have done to get at home in the comment section below.]
* – Names changed. Or are they?

Till next time,
Pyar Karo dil se, Jeeyo dil se.

Yours only,
Dinesh Raja.
A lover of life.
20th October 2021.