Were all those endless nights and early mornings worth it?

Was it worth it?

Were all those endless nights and early mornings worth it?

Was shouldering all those expectations from patients, professors & parents worth it?

When I look at those smiles, of pure innocence and unadulterated love, my heart whispers gently into the ears of my soul,

Han ji. Yes.

I have to admit as much as taxing it is to be a doctor, it is equally fun to be one. Especially if you are an extrovert or a people person, it is just the right profession for you.

Looking back at my 12th standard days, when I was learning biology in the lanes of Old rustic Chembur church, I couldn’t have thought of what an exciting journey it would be.

Catching the Mumbai local trains heading towards the Munna Bhai hall then the dissection hall for practicals, followed by lunch at our katta with the gang, then again dragging our lazy, sleepy asses for the rest of academic tortures, finally getting relieving at twilight, having special chai at gate no 2, chilling with friends, or organising events and fests, or winning some, breathing sessions at Hostel terrace at night, then heading back towards the pavilion, half exhausted, fully enigmatic.

MBBS does change you as a person. I can bet you, one doesn’t remain the same. Be it intentionally or unintentionally, one’s aura becomes softer and gentler more like the puffs of cotton tree gliding through wintry evenings.

I thank all the people, before I was born, after, and whoever has touched me, consciously or unconsciously, for what I have become today.

Thank you so much.

I am very much grateful.

It is a new day, a new morning for newer beginnings.

May the force be with you. Take care.

Yours Only,
Dr. Raja,
The Doctor who cares.

That is why my friend, you shouldn’t wake up to reality

Do you have a dream?
Then you must know about your desires.

A human being is lifeless without desires, without dreams

I realise through various forms of life experimentation,
Humans need desire, without which, they cannot live. period.

It is a crucial and critical part of existence, one that we rarely notice, let alone pause on thinking about our existence. For men many, it scares them. It makes brittle as if you wake up one morning at 9.27 am and it comes to you, that you thought you are living with your free will, and all the choices you made were by you, leading to the point in life that you are in, all these and much more… comes to standstill.

And it comes to you, you are nothing but a puppet in the vast world of certain uncertainties.

Your version of the world that you were living in, is just a result of certain unseen, unsaid rules of Mother Nature, the Cosmos and least, society.

Bring back on the topic – Desire! Is one such rule.
Don’t think so?

Let’s prove it in three steps in 2 mins.
1. Take your right hand. (Yeah shift the phone to the other one.)
2. Bring your Index finger and thumb at the ala of the nose.
3. Pinch it softly for just … 2 mins.

Without the primal desire to breathe, we all humans will be dead right after we land on this earth after 9 months of blissful ignorance.

One may argue that it is a need to breathe, just like eating and sleeping.
But let me point it out, the need is a noun and the desire is a verb.
Meaning without desires, even our needs will be meaningless.

Now delving deeper, we need to have that desire and need in us, much like Ying Yang one cannot exist without the other. Without the underlying need and the constant forthcoming desire we, for that matter any living matter, would not live.

Now, this goes as basic as it goes for our basic needs.
By the way, we never realise we function on the rules created by the cosmos all the time we exist within her.
Good that we foolish humans don’t pay attention, for one eternal saying, ignorance is surely bliss.
A bliss so much gratifying that it drives us enough not to kill ourselves and complete the cycle of life.
Life and Death.

Now coming to the subtler aspects of it.
Once we are done with our survival, our desires run out, they disappear since the need has been duly fulfilled. We have a need to be added upon by further needs over the basics ones that we already function on.
After food, clothing, and shelter, it is time for relationships.

Taking a detour one realises the life we live in is very much structured like a game on infinite pursuit unto death. Our pursuits never end, dear death conveniently puts the pursuiter at rest. Once and for all.
Or is it?

I think these would do for the time being. A little nudge to our careless existence.
I would be talking about it in the upcoming nights.
Do you care to listen?
Rather do you want to listen?


Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
The one who experiences.

If leaving the campus doesn’t make you cry, you haven’t lived a college life

It is as if we were all baby birds chirping cheerfully yesterday, then tomorrow we need to pack up our back and fly out of our home, our college; unto an unknown, strange sky.

When you hit the first step here, the trees greet you with their gentle rustling.

When you take a breath here, the breeze swells you up with warmth.

When you look up, the stars are showering their protective spells upon you.

When you try to find your way, the signage by the road, find you and guides you.

When you enter the hostel, the walls welcome you with a hug.

When you get into your room, she snuggles you up and sings you a lullaby.

When you eat in the canteen, the simple poha puts a smile on your face.

When you sleep late, your roommate’s alarm wakes you up.

When you walk towards the lecture halls, the ancient benches calm your heart down.

When the professor comes up, you feel like a Wizard, Harry potter yourself.

When you do your first night out, even the warden yells, ‘get out, and your buddies cheer you up aloud.

When you try the first things, you realise, how much you act like stupid beings.

When you have late-night talks, nothing compares to it, with a walk

When you propose, that’s when your life gets its course.

When you fall in love, poor soul, in the hell you dove.

When your heart is broken, your friends make sure something else too.

When you pass out, bless the soul, which cleans your lot.

When the exams are prime, the sleep is forsaken for another time.

When you are done with the last year, you wish for just one more year.

When you enter the hospital, you feel like an adult already.

When you live like an intern, you feel like a helpless, naive kitten.

When you graduate, you realise that it is getting real.

When your juniors give you farewell, you feel the big brother flowing out of you.

When you chill in the evenings, you realise, you are going to miss these innings.

When you are on the terrace, the city drenched in the cold night gives you a kiss.

When you leave the campus, you feel like you are leaving your own mother.

When you have to get up and move out, you feel like somebody is dragging you, from her soothing lap, away.

When you finally start to fly, that’s when you realise, she was nursing you all these times.
You can never go back.

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
The one who feels.

Like it happened yesterday

By Ravinder Singh

Genre: Fiction, Romance.
Stars: 6.5/10


It’s a fictional story of a simple Sikh boy named Ravin Singh navigating his life through childhood and adulthood struggling through his teenage crisis to economic constraints and reminiscing the best moments of his life.


I like his simple writing style which is easy to understand and connect to.

At various junctures, the author has beautifully captured the raw emotions of a naive kid, an example of how he hated his daddy when he was left all alone for the first time at kindergarten and innocently asked his mum how do babies come?!

I especially appreciate the way he has included even the gory aspects of growing up that as sexual & Physical abuse.


I was disappointed at times when the writing style became awfully simple to the extent that it got a little irritating.

I feel like this book was particularly weak In the area of character development of the protagonist.

Overall, it’s a nice simple easy book to read and have fun

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start reading and wants an

Yours only,
Dinesh Raja,
A Dreamer.

All the credits, rights, and content belong to the author, publisher or company.
This is an honest review and learning article.
All the ideas, and phrases is duly credited to the author.
This post is not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings, or sentiments.
This article was made so as to facilitate the greatness of learnings which can be gained.

IT’s the Last lap! C’mon, you can do it doc!

P.S. I dedicate this to my friend, co-intern, who’s one step away from breaking down.

Credits: Pinterest

There comes a time in the life of an intern, when she or he thinks of giving up.
Thinks she can’t do it anymore.
Thinks she’s done with it.
But when she raises her head to see the horizon, realises there are loads of laps to be run.

And it is okay to feel this way.
It is okay to feel exhausted from the internship.
It’s okay to feel not to want to do it anymore.

We all are humans after all.
Just running and trying to save lives wearing the white cape.
We all are literally babies who just got out of med school trying to walk on the
path of being the Doctor.

You have done a great job doc! We all are super proud of you.
The very fact that you are interning is an achievement on its own accord.

Going through the grilling obstacle course of NEET-UG->1st to 4th year->Internship is absolutely not an easy task.
Mind you, not everyone can do what you have done girl!
C’mon give yourself a pat on your back.

Just one more step.
Just one more day.
Just one more patient.
You know right? We are in this together.
Let’s see it through the end of the line.

You can do it.
You can make it my friend.
I believe in you.
We believe in you.

While the battle is far from over.
It is perhaps the end of the beginning.
Soon we shall wear huge responsibility of being the Doctor whether in the form of PG or M.O or IAS.
And it will be a lifelong one.
It wouldn’t be a trial tussle of 365 days as this one.
But one of huge magnitude, of stellar consequences.
So my friend let’s strive to equip our arsenals and get ready for the holy war with the most heartwarming smile.
Because that’s who it is won.

This war shall be won by three things.

It shall be won by Love.Warmth.Care.

And yes of course, I was speaking of life, not your profession.

Benefits of fasting – sadhguru – a review.

In this short video, the Mystic Sadhguru explains nonchalantly about Food, Fasting & Spirituality.

Learning pearls

Ingestion should be a conscious process.
One of the ways to do this is – Fasting.
One of the best times to do – the 11th Day of the Lunar cycle.
Type: Phalaahar – meaning fruit fasting.
Eat water simply!

For most of the chronic ailments that people are suffering from, the headquarters is in the stomach and mind.

Observations about Sadhguru.
You can feel his swag from his clothing sense to the way he speaks.

He’s definitely one of the best storytellers in India.

He has a knack for using exaggerations to crack his people up.

Things to ponder upon

‘We know time only by cycles.’

‘Human’s silly mind has superimposed every other sense.’

Compulsive eating is one of the worst kinds of pandemics that nobody pays attention to.

All the credits, rights, content belongs to the author, publisher or company.
This is an honest review and learning article.
All the ideas, phrases is duly credited to the author.
This post is not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings, sentiments.
This article was made so as to facilitate the greatness of learnings which can be gained.

rich dad poor dad – a review

If someone asks me for one book to read in 2022, this will be it!
It’s is such a mindboggling book I recommend it everyone across any age group.
I say, more than a desire, this book is an absolute necessity.

Learning pearls

On Stock market.
Play with money only which you can afford to lose.

Why you should read this book

  1. He practices what he preaches.
    He speaks abuot his life journey in toto and how he became free by the age of 47!

Questions to ask oneself.
Ponder over these in thy silence oh my amigos

  1. ‘Why do I want to become Rich?’
    Because, with a strong why, we can overcome any how. – Viktor Frankl
  2. ‘How can I afford to never work again?’

Mind your words

1. Instead of saying ‘I can’t afford it, try how can I afford it.’ Similarly, instead of saying I can’t do anything, try saying how can I solve this problem.

Heroic Habits

  1. Become a Perpetual Learning machine
    a. Books
    b, Youtube
    c. Podcasts
  2. Think like your Role model
    Whenever you are in a jinx, ask this question yourself.
    Eg. ‘How would APJ Abdul Kalam ji would solve this problem?’
    Find your heroes!

  3. Workshops
    Lookout for good and genuine class or workshops.
  4. Adapt. Adapt. Adapt.
    In this rapidly changing world, it doesnt matter any more how much you know, rather how quickly you lrean stuff.
  5. Pay yourself first.
    Monthly, at the begining of it, first invest in your assets then pay your bills.
  6. Teach them!
    Teach your loved ones, friends, family abuot finances. Remember, you cannot groew alone. What’s the fun of reaching the mountain summit if there’s noone wiht you.
  7. Give!
    The Prinicple of Reciprocity.
    Dil se give what you don’t have.
    If it is love, happiness, the money you want, give it first, then it will come back to you a million-fold more.
    Believe it or not, rtheres magic out there.
    Miracles do happen every day, we sometimes are too engrossed to notice it my friend.
  8. Take actions!
    Whatever you read or learn about practise it in real life.
    Give life to your learnings. Get action do my amigo.
  9. Invite people over food.
    Whomever you admire doing something that you want to do. Invite them over lunch.
    And learn the tips and tricks of the trade.

Learnings pearls for content writers

  1. Anecdotes
    Make note of personal Anecdotes that can be used in your books elsewhere.
    Be like the honeybee, whenever you meet a sunflower, ie a human, make sure to extract some useful nectar from it.
    If while speaking to someone, you hear something worth sharing, write it down mate.
    And thank yourself later 🙂

2. Talk! Speak! Converse!
Talk with complete strangers, learn from them. And if it’s good enough, write them in your book.

3. Impact.
We are living in the world of cosmic hyperconnectedness which gives us a superpower much beyond our comprehension.
The Superpower to create real IMPACT.
Be it books, blogs, podcasts, videos, we can now leverage on the 21st century technology to create genuine differences in the lives of the people.
Why not make it a better place to live in my ally?

4. Speak against the common tide.
Want to receive more attention?
Simply share your unconventional thoughts and you shall deem it.
Though it is important that you believe in it in the 1st place rather than just eyeing for the gold it brings.

(A little breather… Just for gags 😛 )
credits: Aminoapps.com

Observation Haki
He has first broken the paradigm, built the mindset and
broke down our fears, cynicism, arrogance in a very strategic manner.

If you observe close enough, you can palpate the earnestness in some of the lines he says.
Especially, when he talks about Why he wanted to become rich.

He is on of the rare species on earth who keeps on learning even though having considerable expertise and knowledge. Its fascinating to see how he still attend two seminars every year to learn something new.

He genuinely wants to help people. This can be derived the way he has been teaching and the anecdotes he gives.
He surely has reached the pinnacle of ‘Maslows herirachy of needs.’

credits: danmartell.com

Having Fun!
If you observe close enough, he’s having fun! He indirectly tells us to enjoy whatever we do.

Buzz words
1. Synergy of Working professionals.
Basically connecting people who are smarter than you and working as a team.

2. FOCUS- Follow One Course Until Successful.

3. Buyers Remorse. When excessive scepticism overcomes the desire to win.

4. Consumer Debt.
Consumer debt consists of personal debts that are owed as a result of purchasing goods that are used for individual or household consumption. Credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, mortgages, and payday loans are all examples of consumer debt. ^1

5. ‘Piece of action.’
If someone wants to have a piece of the action or a slice of the action, they want to take part in an exciting activity or situation, usually in order to make money or become more important.^2
ROI=Return on Investment.

6. Portfolio Income
Portfolio income is money received from investments, dividends, interest, and capital gains. Royalties received from investment property also are considered portfolio income sources. ^3

Great quotes

“An Intelligent person hires people who are more intelligent than him.”- RDPD

“For winners, losing inspires them. For losers, losing defeats them.” – RDPD.

credits: Pinterest.com

Pointers to think upon

1. ‘The world is filled with Talented poor people.’

2. The most important law of money-making,’ Give and you shall receive.’
Is it true? In other aspects as of love , happiness, care, the warmth I believe in it. But when it comes to money, I am a bit sceptical here.
What are your thoughts on this?

3. On Fear

I have never met people who have fallen in love who have never had their hearts broken. ‘Cynics criticise and Winners analyse.’

4. Dipping into savings.
The rich use it to only increase their assets and not to pay their bills.

5. Loans
In today’s world, we focus more on borrowing bucks to get stuff than to focus on creating money.

“The Path is the Goal.”

Thich Naht Hahn


Being Neutral.

I like the way Kim is truly being neutral and spates away bitter truth about current lifestyle, gives you options, and supports you either ways. He’s not one of those, who shoves his thinking in to your throat and makes you want to swallow it. He gives the reader alternatives to choose and gently nudges them.


The way he speaks clearly indicates he respects each Profession even though he may not support it.

I like the way he has incorporated movie reference which serves dual purpose of giving a good analogy and connecting the reader.

This guys knows his audience very well. He knows what he is talking about and how ti will be perceived and taken.

I like the way he has summed up the book by urging his readers to teach them to their people.
To give back to the world.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Warren Buffet.

Movies corner
1. Tom cruise’s Jerry Maguire
2. Tora Tora Tora- Based on Pearl harbour incident. 3. Wall Street- “Greed is good. “
3. ‘The Founder’- based on how McDonalds became the worlds largest fast food corporation under the leadership of a salesman, Ray kroc.

Books corner
1. The Retirement Myth- Craig S. Krapel
2. Richest Man in Babylon – George Clason.
3. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon hill.
The author subtly nudges his readers to learn from this book next.
4. Rich Dad’s Cashflow – Robert Kiyosaki
5. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing – Robert Kiyosaki 6. Start your own corporation- Garett Sutton

Harsh truths about life

1. ‘Just as the rich can afford better education, the rich will be able to keep themselves alive, while those who have little wealth will die.’ Pg. 122

2. ‘Many people buy investments, rather than investing in learning about it.’

Personal Anecdotes
Tell your story of night out with Nilesh bhaiya that changed your financial life forever.

As I was speaking to my junior, he explained to me how earth-shattering the book was. His father is a daily labourer, he has seen some pretty tough situations in life and all he wanted to do after graduation is to get a good, stable job to remove the family from financial stress.

He simply couldn’t digest the fact this man, was speaking completely opposite to it. So after reading it once, some days later, he ravaged through it again.

It is just a simple, silly summary.
To learn more.
Do check out the book.
Its worth it.

All the credits, rights, content belongs to the author, publisher or company.
This is an honest review and learning article.

All the ideas, phrases is duly credited to the author.
This post is not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings, sentiments.
This article was made so as to facilitate the greatness of learnings which can be gained.

Do check out their website.

Who should play Cashflow classic?
If you don’t know anything about investing but have a desire to learn.

1. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/consumer-debt.asp#:~:text=Consumer%20debt%20consists%20of%20personal,all%20examples%20of%20consumer%20debt.
2. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/a-piece-of-the-action#:~:text=phrase,money%20or%20become%20more%20important.

JRE with Naval Ravikant

Who’s Naval Ravikant?
Naval Ravikant is an American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman and former CEO of AngelList. 

Learning pearls

How do make people happy? Give them what they want.

What you really want is freedom. Freedom from your money problems.


Fix an hourly rate for your worth. If anything is good enough do it, otherwise leave it.

SolidBusiness. com

Automation frees up people from old jobs to seek or create new ones.

Fascinating things to come across

The Greeks and the Romans had a model wherein, School, War, Senate, Business, Philosophy.

Working isn’t the same for everyone

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much hard do you work.

The much-ignored aspect to focus is on what you do, who you do it with, how you do it.

Who’s Joe Rogan?
Joseph James Rogan is an American podcaster, Ultimate Fighting Championship colour commentator, comedian, actor, and former television presenter.
He hosts The Joe Rogan Experience. 1


Harsh Truths you need to hear!

1. There’s a lot of nonsense in the books out there too.

2. In our modern society we get too much information too quickly.
One of the consequences is collectively people are developing a shorter attention span


Habits that can be implemented

1. Flip through books
grasp a concept- play with it- drop it- and move on to the next one.

2. Meditation it’s a self-therapy.
Just be. And perhaps escalate your consciousness to psychedelic states.

3. To be peaceful
Peace in motion is happiness.

4. Derive it!                         
If you cannot derive it from nothing, you don’t really understand it.

5. Quotes Understand them.
Use them in your conversations. Connect to your people on a deep level.

6. More.
Learn to smile more.
Learn to hug more.
Learn to be a gigglemug.

Stuff to ponder about

1. Dig into the social media

Rich and Anonymous>Poor and Famous

2. On being happie

There are people who take pleasure in being miserable

3. Income Inequality
Income inequality is deceptive, it’s outcome unequality. Its the choices we make, if the society didn’t give the opportunity, than that’s a problem.

4. About Criticism.
If you want to know who’s ruling over you, look at whom you are not allowed to criticize.

5. Superpower of being alone

“Desire’s a contract you make to be unhappy
until you get what you want.
You become disturbed because you want something.”

Naval Ravikant

Buzz words

1. Social contract
You say or promise something to your friends and family which makes you indirectly work for it.

2. Modern Intellectual athletes.
Train hard. Sprint. Rest. Reassess. Then train more.

3. AgrippaTrilemma
Questions like ‘Why are we here’ lead to
A. Infinite Regress
B. Perpetual Circle
C. Axiom

In epistemology, the Münchhausen trilemma, also commonly known as the Agrippa trilemma, is a thought experiment intended to demonstrate the theoretical impossibility of proving any truth, even in the fields of logic and mathematics, without appealing to accepted assumptions.

Observations about Naval Ravikant.
1. Love for Books!
He was an avid reader from a young age.

2. He is a lifelong learner.
You can feel the fire of a perpetual learning machine from him.


Observation about Joe

1. All ears!
He’s a real good listener

2. Humility
He’s humble enough to accept things he didn’t do and didn’t know.

1. Joe Rogan
2. Naval ravikant
3. The Podcast

All the credits, rights, and content belong to the author, publisher or company.
This is an honest review and learning article.
All the ideas and phrases are duly credited to the author.
This post is not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings, or sentiments.
This article was made so as to facilitate the greatness of learnings which can be gained.

Sadhguru Reveals His Productivity and Time Management Secret – A YT Review

Time: 7 mins

It’s a simple, lucid, great video talking about our mind and productivity.

Why should you watch?
1. Struggling with productivity?
2. Emotional baggage?
3. Stressed at all times?

Good points to note: –
-A good question deserves a great answer.
-Struggle within
-Live life with Ease.
-Work joyfully, work must be an expression of Joy.
-Life of perception>Life of expression.
-Intelligence working against themselves.

Observation about Sadhguru
1. Humor
2. Composure
3. ‘T’ Shaped person
4. Tamil/Culture
5. Witty

P.S.: Music: Amazing background score by Leonell Casio, A Magical Journey through space.
It’s worth listening again and again.


All credits reserved to the creator, thee and the one who spoke.
The review is not meant to hurt any entity, person or thing.