Why do we need to marry?

Why do we need to marry?

Why can’t we simply exist and live in the world?

Is Marriage
Or is it something that the society has made it,
marketed it well and
brainwashed us into believing it to be.

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If love is your answer;
Why can’t we love all?
Why can’t we love our loved ones the way we love our special ones.
Why can’t we do that?

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If kids are your answer;
Why can’t we simply have a collective nursery; Wherein, each child there is yours and is not.
Yet you love and care for them.
Or better, do we need really need to tie down, two humans, to raise a child?

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If Intimacy is your answer;
Why can’t we be intimate with people we like and love.
Why do we restrict ourselves to just a single person throughout our lives?

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If Money/Security is your answer;
Are we so much selfish that we are ready to live a life with someone who we don’t love but like their status or the safety which they offer?
Or are we being dumb here?

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If Companionship is your answer;
In this transient world of hyper-connectiveness, why can’t we develop a strong bond of pure energy that stays unbreakable, no matter what?
Why can’t we have companionship with other hoomans as well?

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If Making love is your answer;
Why can’t we make love to the many loved ones cherish?
Why does it have to be pure, animal-like, stinking of just pure flesh?
Mind you, I am not here talking about lust.
I am talking about the expression of a pure form of love through making love.
Why can’t we cuddle other than the one?
Why can’t we snuggle other than the knotted person?
Why can’t we freely express our love through our bodies?

Do we really require chains to love and to be loved?
Do we need cages to be selectively made love to?

Who started all of this anyway?
And why are all of us believing in it so blindly, so diligently?

Why is it that to even question this, we become frightful, fall into the forever abyss of self-doubt, and wondering is something wrong with ourselves?

Why don’t we have a free society where we can question anything and everything?

Coming back to the topic at hand.

Aren’t we too much harsh, to expect everything above mentioned


What happens if your partner doesn’t or let’s say, CAN’T provide you on a platter all the dishes you just ordered?
Be it his/her own will or shortcomings or no fault of her own.
What if she simply can’t provide you with that, why are we so harsh on them?
Why do we behave so evil to them?

No human is holistically developed. Every man has his own natural and acquired mistakes.

In the first place, Why do we EXPECT so MUCH from a SINGLE HUMAN BEING?
Why do we DEMAND so much from a SINGLE RELATIONSHIP?

Why can’t we have multiple loved ones?
Why can’t we have different humans for the same?

Do we really need to settle with just a single one?

The One who sees, listens, feels everything,
And then questions them.

What is true love?

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As this Valentine day comes, I stumble upon an old google note that I had written when I was in my late teens, which was about – Love.
I have been wondering for a long time, What is true love anyway?

This is what I had written back then…

The Lil Teen Me
Time spending – basic stuff na and after a time you fall in love but that doesn’t always mean s/he is the SOULMATE na, coz if you can like n understand anyone with whom you have to spend a long period of time. [Isn’t this so frigging true?!? That’s the secret of most Arranged marriages I think!]
Maybe it is seeing in the eyes of her and letting the world pass by, as it happens in meditation. [Damn, I am crazy Romantic since back then eh xD]
She should understand me when I wanna walk alone just being there & not whispering a word just for letting me live that moment. [I didn’t know I had this level of maturity back then :P]
Capturing candids when she least expects. [Yay! :D]

After reading these, my curious heart couldn’t help but ask the question, which has bothered lovers for eternity; I started asking people out.

Check out these cool answers.

A Pretty Physician says.
When you get along well.
When you let them be when they want to and at the same time be around.
When your presence energises each other.
When you naturally incline towards each other.
When taking effort doesn’t feel like taking effort.
Whether you win or lose, you want to announce it to the other person immediately.

An arranged-marriage-newly-wed-bride says.
Nothing is ready-made in this world…we become soulmates for the people we love and are worth changing for.

A Beautiful Kathak dancer says.
Me and My Doggo ofc!

An Indian-Guy-Studying-In-China
The major difference as per me between true love and soulmate is when you see the dark side or flaws of a soulmate you might feel less attracted or maybe sometimes go different ways.
But in the case of true love even when you see him/her at her lowest and at her darkest side you still see only beauty and nothing else just like lotus it grows in swamps but whenever we look at it at its worst we still only appreciate it’s beauty.

A Passionate Gardener says.
Someone you care about like yourself.
Two people = one soul.

A Musical Audiologist says, Love is something you get, when you aren’t looking for it.

I ask you,
My amigo,
What do you think True love is?