If leaving the campus doesn’t make you cry, you haven’t lived a college life

It is as if we were all baby birds chirping cheerfully yesterday, then tomorrow we need to pack up our back and fly out of our home, our college; unto an unknown, strange sky.

When you hit the first step here, the trees greet you with their gentle rustling.

When you take a breath here, the breeze swells you up with warmth.

When you look up, the stars are showering their protective spells upon you.

When you try to find your way, the signage by the road, find you and guides you.

When you enter the hostel, the walls welcome you with a hug.

When you get into your room, she snuggles you up and sings you a lullaby.

When you eat in the canteen, the simple poha puts a smile on your face.

When you sleep late, your roommate’s alarm wakes you up.

When you walk towards the lecture halls, the ancient benches calm your heart down.

When the professor comes up, you feel like a Wizard, Harry potter yourself.

When you do your first night out, even the warden yells, ‘get out, and your buddies cheer you up aloud.

When you try the first things, you realise, how much you act like stupid beings.

When you have late-night talks, nothing compares to it, with a walk

When you propose, that’s when your life gets its course.

When you fall in love, poor soul, in the hell you dove.

When your heart is broken, your friends make sure something else too.

When you pass out, bless the soul, which cleans your lot.

When the exams are prime, the sleep is forsaken for another time.

When you are done with the last year, you wish for just one more year.

When you enter the hospital, you feel like an adult already.

When you live like an intern, you feel like a helpless, naive kitten.

When you graduate, you realise that it is getting real.

When your juniors give you farewell, you feel the big brother flowing out of you.

When you chill in the evenings, you realise, you are going to miss these innings.

When you are on the terrace, the city drenched in the cold night gives you a kiss.

When you leave the campus, you feel like you are leaving your own mother.

When you have to get up and move out, you feel like somebody is dragging you, from her soothing lap, away.

When you finally start to fly, that’s when you realise, she was nursing you all these times.
You can never go back.

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
The one who feels.

Sadhguru Reveals His Productivity and Time Management Secret – A YT Review

Time: 7 mins

It’s a simple, lucid, great video talking about our mind and productivity.

Why should you watch?
1. Struggling with productivity?
2. Emotional baggage?
3. Stressed at all times?

Good points to note: –
-A good question deserves a great answer.
-Struggle within
-Live life with Ease.
-Work joyfully, work must be an expression of Joy.
-Life of perception>Life of expression.
-Intelligence working against themselves.

Observation about Sadhguru
1. Humor
2. Composure
3. ‘T’ Shaped person
4. Tamil/Culture
5. Witty

P.S.: Music: Amazing background score by Leonell Casio, A Magical Journey through space.
It’s worth listening again and again.


All credits reserved to the creator, thee and the one who spoke.
The review is not meant to hurt any entity, person or thing.

Like an incense stick life burns.

Just like an aromatic incense stick, our life slowly burns away without us realising it.

It’s sad that, when we do, it’s the end of the line till then.

Like the tip, when we are born, knowing nothing of the world, naive, innocent little babies, we start our journey, with the fiery spark, the blessing of our parents.

Only after you have lived enough, one starts to realise, our purpose or to say, one of the purposes of human life, was to spread fragrance around till the D-Day.

Or rather, counter-intuitively, if we all are going to die, we might as well be cheerful and spread mirth along with the steps on the long beach of life right?

Similar to the incense stick, our ability to spread light and joy increases as we go through life.
Because we need to have self-awareness, consciousness and cognizance about life to understand it, and it comes through either, life thyself, books, experiences, listening, observing, living it fully.

The most important thing incense stick teaches us about is – the Oblivion, the end, the Death.
We are bound to turn to humble ashes to be blown away in the dust of life.

So mate, till the fire is still burning, shall we make the joyride scented and sweet?

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
A Curious Otaku.