Are you listening to your symphony?

Are you listening to your symphony?

As I am washing the dishes, consciously, watching and observing each movement my hand makes, a thought comes to my mind, ‘Doesn’t life actually pass very slow?’

If your presence is there at each touch of your fingertip, and you can feel the varying sensation of each breath you take, don’t you think that life actually flows calmly?

In our race against time, we forget to live, we just function by default, controlled by our set patterns of thoughts and habits. We fail to be in the moment.

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We just exist as if a song is on repeat with no one listening, it keeps on playing throughout our lives and we miss out on the beautiful melody that has been playing for a long time.

But again, when you are entirely in the present, you observe that time flows much slower, may because you can feel each musical note as it rises and falls, maybe because you notice the change in timbre or attenuation in the tones.

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It makes me come back to the same question that few conscious humans of entire mankind, have been asking,’ Is life worth living?’, assuming that we shall return back to nothingness, just as we were born of nothingness.

It is funny to see the irony, if you are unconscious you overlook the symphony playing, on the other side when you are conscious enough to feel each beat, you think about whether it is worth living for.

Maybe it all depends on the song we are playing.

If we like the song we may hum, or tap to the beat of it. But again, you can’t always do the things you love, right? Inevitably, you will have to perform mundane, dry tasks which you don’t enjoy much, but have to do for the sake of living.

Since, we don’t have the power to control the playlists, as in life, we can just request to the one playing it, we have to bear both sides of it, relish things which we adore, and endure the ones which we don’t.

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And you have the choice to do this only when you do something – ‘

Being completely in the present and listening to the melody.’

But again, what do you think, are you listening to the symphony?

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
The one who questions.

Why do we need to marry?

Why do we need to marry?

Why can’t we simply exist and live in the world?

Is Marriage
Or is it something that the society has made it,
marketed it well and
brainwashed us into believing it to be.

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If love is your answer;
Why can’t we love all?
Why can’t we love our loved ones the way we love our special ones.
Why can’t we do that?

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If kids are your answer;
Why can’t we simply have a collective nursery; Wherein, each child there is yours and is not.
Yet you love and care for them.
Or better, do we need really need to tie down, two humans, to raise a child?

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If Intimacy is your answer;
Why can’t we be intimate with people we like and love.
Why do we restrict ourselves to just a single person throughout our lives?

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If Money/Security is your answer;
Are we so much selfish that we are ready to live a life with someone who we don’t love but like their status or the safety which they offer?
Or are we being dumb here?

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If Companionship is your answer;
In this transient world of hyper-connectiveness, why can’t we develop a strong bond of pure energy that stays unbreakable, no matter what?
Why can’t we have companionship with other hoomans as well?

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If Making love is your answer;
Why can’t we make love to the many loved ones cherish?
Why does it have to be pure, animal-like, stinking of just pure flesh?
Mind you, I am not here talking about lust.
I am talking about the expression of a pure form of love through making love.
Why can’t we cuddle other than the one?
Why can’t we snuggle other than the knotted person?
Why can’t we freely express our love through our bodies?

Do we really require chains to love and to be loved?
Do we need cages to be selectively made love to?

Who started all of this anyway?
And why are all of us believing in it so blindly, so diligently?

Why is it that to even question this, we become frightful, fall into the forever abyss of self-doubt, and wondering is something wrong with ourselves?

Why don’t we have a free society where we can question anything and everything?

Coming back to the topic at hand.

Aren’t we too much harsh, to expect everything above mentioned


What happens if your partner doesn’t or let’s say, CAN’T provide you on a platter all the dishes you just ordered?
Be it his/her own will or shortcomings or no fault of her own.
What if she simply can’t provide you with that, why are we so harsh on them?
Why do we behave so evil to them?

No human is holistically developed. Every man has his own natural and acquired mistakes.

In the first place, Why do we EXPECT so MUCH from a SINGLE HUMAN BEING?
Why do we DEMAND so much from a SINGLE RELATIONSHIP?

Why can’t we have multiple loved ones?
Why can’t we have different humans for the same?

Do we really need to settle with just a single one?

The One who sees, listens, feels everything,
And then questions them.

Passion vs Profession

Is your life precious to you, if yes, in what things would you like to invest this precious life into?

Questions to ask yourself

Do you love what you do every day?
Do you have dreams and aspirations to do something else?
What energizes you?

What can I do today that energises me?

How to spot your passion?

What is that thing, which energises your mind, body and soul?
If it energises you, that’s your passion.

Passions where there is MONEY!

“History is made not by intelligent people but by the few crazy ones.”

Passions where it is difficult to make MONEY! [Not at all impossible tho!!!!]

Need some motivation for Passion?!?

My fav part is definitely at 9.54mins!!! He’s awe-inspiring and down to earth 🙂 RIP Kobe san

What are different types of passions?

Why people choose profession over passion

Fear of not making it. Fear of the unknown.

Too risky to make a living out of it?

How to convert passion into profession?

Does your passion help in solving problems out there?
Fuse your passion with problem statement into a sustainable business model.

Find a way to monetise your passion.

“We have been accustomed to the habit of purchasing and consuming readymade or prescribed decisions that have been practising since a long time.”

On ‘Going with the Flow.’

Factors to consider

When you are young, you have greater appetite of taking risks.

When one has obligations it becomes difficult to navigate through passion, since we live in a Real world with Real needs. Nevertheless, it is never IMPOSSIBLE.

People usually prefer well paying,safe jobs over risky passionful dreams.
It is a very big limiting factor when it comes to pursuing your dreams.

Threats to Passion.

Inability to market skills.
Inability to convert Passion to Profession.

Some Excellent advice.
“If your passion is not monetisable, don’t just do only passion. Work a job as well for the money with following your heart.” – Chetan Bhagat, Author.

Buzz words


For those Who love to read!!!


For those who love to watch!!!

All the credits, rights, and content belongs to the author, publisher or company.
This is an honest review and learning article.
All the ideas, and phrases are duly credited to the author.
This post is not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings, or sentiments.
This article was made so as to facilitate the greatness of learnings which can be gained.

When the true moon shines.

Everyone talks about love, why doesn’t anyone talk about Heartbreaks?

Let us normalise talking about heartaches.


It’s just when you realize that CSK is going to win the match with 1 ball and puny 2 runs to win
And a traumatic wicket gets lost,
The observer keeps on counting the broken heart pieces just hitherto Pi’s value is reached.

On similar lines, as intoxicating Pehla Nasha is, so is equally the excruciating pehla Hamdard is.

Maybe because when it’s the first time, you genuinely feel, insecurely ponder, innocently wish,
Yes, this is it.
This is what true love feels like.

And when the Guileless
Glass Taj Mahal is broken into millions of prism shattering sept colour, the life becomes too colourless to survive.
To breathe.

The gullible feelings never truly leaves, for just like the waves it loves to keep returning and robs away the granular sanity, gleefully torturing the shores for five eternities.

After sustained atonement for falling and diving into love,
Your body regrets to host such a soul, your brain determines the world is conspiring against you, the mind wonders what evil it had done, that this sorrow is bestowed upon me while the heart is shivering,
It’s hopeful yet afraid of ever finding true love again
if it truly exists.

The Body requests it’s occupant,
Please, O, Please my lord,
Go and hide, my master, for I can see the future no more.
Give me some grains of poppy or better, full ale of it
My lord I will believe our time has come, let’s go and finally sleep on the merciful lap of our holy mother.

The Brain advises, fear not my fellow,
I will give my best,
I will strive my everything not to ever let you make the same godforsaken mistake again.
I will always be on guard,
for now,
I have seen how treacherous a harmless Lily can be.

And mind speaks up,
Fear not oh my heart,. you have felt what true love is,
Carry on,
Walk along the Destined path,
For you don’t know b when you stumble upon a Kohinoor while weeping over a lost pearl.

Heart finally talks to itself.
The past is definitely Beautiful and I’m glad that love happened,
If it was written, that it may happen this way, so be it.

I have got no Regrets,
For I have now known the happiness of true love,
I have come to the realisation,
All the time I was weeping in the forlorn corner,
I serve a much bigger role as the instruments of the one up above,
For my purpose would be to spread,
Seamlessly, Indifferently, Unconditionally,
The bliss of eternal love around me.

Yet, I have this youthful craziness to jump again,
Into the depths of the marooned sea,
If ever the true moon shines,
When the true moon shines.

If it shines.

Yours Only, Dinesh Raja, a Romantic of Zindagi.

JRE with Naval Ravikant

Who’s Naval Ravikant?
Naval Ravikant is an American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman and former CEO of AngelList. 

Learning pearls

How do make people happy? Give them what they want.

What you really want is freedom. Freedom from your money problems.

Fix an hourly rate for your worth. If anything is good enough do it, otherwise leave it.

SolidBusiness. com

Automation frees up people from old jobs to seek or create new ones.

Fascinating things to come across

The Greeks and the Romans had a model wherein, School, War, Senate, Business, Philosophy.

Working isn’t the same for everyone

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much hard do you work.

The much-ignored aspect to focus is on what you do, who you do it with, how you do it.

Who’s Joe Rogan?
Joseph James Rogan is an American podcaster, Ultimate Fighting Championship colour commentator, comedian, actor, and former television presenter.
He hosts The Joe Rogan Experience. 1

Harsh Truths you need to hear!

1. There’s a lot of nonsense in the books out there too.

2. In our modern society we get too much information too quickly.
One of the consequences is collectively people are developing a shorter attention span

Habits that can be implemented

1. Flip through books
grasp a concept- play with it- drop it- and move on to the next one.

2. Meditation it’s a self-therapy.
Just be. And perhaps escalate your consciousness to psychedelic states.

3. To be peaceful
Peace in motion is happiness.

4. Derive it!                         
If you cannot derive it from nothing, you don’t really understand it.

5. Quotes Understand them.
Use them in your conversations. Connect to your people on a deep level.

6. More.
Learn to smile more.
Learn to hug more.
Learn to be a gigglemug.

Stuff to ponder about

1. Dig into the social media

Rich and Anonymous>Poor and Famous

2. On being happie

There are people who take pleasure in being miserable

3. Income Inequality
Income inequality is deceptive, it’s outcome unequality. Its the choices we make, if the society didn’t give the opportunity, than that’s a problem.

4. About Criticism.
If you want to know who’s ruling over you, look at whom you are not allowed to criticize.

5. Superpower of being alone

“Desire’s a contract you make to be unhappy
until you get what you want.
You become disturbed because you want something.”

Naval Ravikant

Buzz words

1. Social contract
You say or promise something to your friends and family which makes you indirectly work for it.

2. Modern Intellectual athletes.
Train hard. Sprint. Rest. Reassess. Then train more.

3. AgrippaTrilemma
Questions like ‘Why are we here’ lead to
A. Infinite Regress
B. Perpetual Circle
C. Axiom

In epistemology, the Münchhausen trilemma, also commonly known as the Agrippa trilemma, is a thought experiment intended to demonstrate the theoretical impossibility of proving any truth, even in the fields of logic and mathematics, without appealing to accepted assumptions.

Observations about Naval Ravikant.
1. Love for Books!
He was an avid reader from a young age.

2. He is a lifelong learner.
You can feel the fire of a perpetual learning machine from him.

Observation about Joe

1. All ears!
He’s a real good listener

2. Humility
He’s humble enough to accept things he didn’t do and didn’t know.

1. Joe Rogan
2. Naval ravikant
3. The Podcast

All the credits, rights, and content belong to the author, publisher or company.
This is an honest review and learning article.
All the ideas and phrases are duly credited to the author.
This post is not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings, or sentiments.
This article was made so as to facilitate the greatness of learnings which can be gained.

A Single season can’t have it all

Warm Winters can’t have a colourful evening,
because mist gathers around in the inning,
A Single Season can’t have it all,
each part make it one for all.

Rustic Rains can’t have juicy mangoes,
because water and they are foes,
A Single Season can’t have it all,
each part make it one for all.

Shady Summers can’t have petrichor,
because the soils are busy working their chore,
A Single Season can’t have it all,
each part make it one for all.

Sombre Springs can’t have sun’s radiance,
because it’s too busy spreading out ambience.
A Single Season can’t have it all,
each part make it one for all.

Airless Autumn can’t have new buds,
because its sober with the dead duds,
A Single Season can’t have it all,
each part make it one for all.

A single human isn’t whole,
all of us makes ourselves beautiful,
A Single Season can’t have it all,
each part make it one for all.

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja
A Curious Otaku.

It’s a man’s world indeed.

As I sit in a local bound to Bombay central, I can’t help but notice, a lone mother amidst an avalanche of Mumbaikar men.

She looks so puny and helpless in this Thursday morning train crowd. And I ponder, isn’t it true in the world outside too.

Boys whether you notice it or not, believe it or not, it is indeed a man’s world.

We have created the rules for them, what to do, what not to do, what to wear, what to not to, what to drink, what to not, and the list goes till the Marina trench’s bottom.

By the grace of nature itself, they go through so much that we can’t even fathom, be it the monthly periods, super tough and painful childbearing, menopause.
And superadded to that we have unfair regulations on her when she’s bleeding, we expect her to be a big baby-making machine, we expect her to work and sacrifice for her family from teen till tomb.

Don’t you guys think, it’s too harsh on them?
Mother nature is already tough on them and we show our gratitude by making it more difficult for them.

And what compounds everything is their emotional journey.
They mature faster, they are smarter, they are far more emotional than we bright red bricks. So, Of course, they think more and mind you XY fellas out there, there’s nothing as ‘Overthinking‘, some people think more and some less, that’s it.

They feel more pain. They suffer more. They are hurt more.

Admit it guys, we are useless without these beautiful creations on earth, and yet we make their living directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously more hellacious, more gruelling.

The ultimate worst part is, we don’t even realise it!
(Of course, we are scientifically dumb enough not to understand their subtle signs, appeals or their upfront requests.)

Feeling guilty, you should be!

I don’t know what we gonna do folks, but let’s make a better world for our women, shall we?

Maybe for starters,

(Mind you, these are not just for your girlfriends/partners,
your own sisters and mothers deserve these too)

You could be a true gentleman not just some animal having pee pee in his pants.

Start to listen to her genuinely.

Be there for her, support her emotionally when she’s going through turbulence,

Help her out with daily households.

Don’t ignore her emotional tantrums, there may be a bigger issue beneath.

So gentlemen, have you got more ideas on how to make her life prettier?

And my dear ladies, do you want to rant something or add something, know that, we at, the Ikiguy, have got your back.

Your Only,
Dinesh Raja,
A Wizard who feels the World.

Home Sickness Sleeping Syndrome

After sleeping straight for 14.5 hrs., on the pretext of being tired, I (literally) woke up to the realization that I was missing home. And sleeping was just an escape.

I come hostel around 6.30 pm yesterday, after slogging my ass at the Surgery ward 18, since 9 am, gave my best today since it was the last day of my rotation and I will be joining Orthopedics from the day after.
It was a splendid day, did Blood collections, wrote some discharges and Revived a (suspected Cardiac arrest ? )gasping patient.
Since it was the final day here, I conversed for a long time with my patients (I pray that Krishna* cracks UPSC! He’s suffered a lot already), my nurses and my residents.

When you stay in a hostel you devise up tonnes of the reason for sleeping long, lying like a log of driftwood on the Arabian sea. Mine was, well, ‘I wasn’t feeling like getting up.’

slept at around 7.3opm, friends came bashing at the door stating for a dinner out, bleh, I declined, and went back to my heavenly abode, 10 pm Appa rings and checks whether I am alive or not, at 6.33 am I check whether I am alive or not, then at 9.3o finally, I am done, I am done with sleeping or the excuse of avoiding life altogether.

It hit me hard, all the while, I was feeling sad.
I was feeling empty and touchy, was hugging my bear the whole night, without even realizing that.
I was feeling as if a child has been locked at home, waiting for her parents return.
I was missing home.

It was the feeling of homesick that made me sick with sleep all night.

If you ask hostel people what are their dreams, what they want to do after graduation, contrary to what localite say, that being, Becoming the best Surgeon, Opening up an interior design company, starting up at startup, most humble hostelites, reply, they want a
good, happy, home.

When I used to be a localite I used to not give a second glance to it, but now, when I have become a full time hostelite, I realize the deep emotions, feelings, and hope attached to the latter responses and the word – Home.

“Only hate the road when you’re missing home”- Passenger

Like the way the English band Passenger has beautifully described in their song, “Let her go”, how, the absence of something makes you value the presence of it, only a hostelite knows the true value of the home.
Well, we, most of the localite, just take it for granted.

When you realise your home, is 1,655.7 km far, near the Cape Comorin, aka Kanyakumari, you literally start making plans to do when you get back home, you seek every opportunity to escape, you sketch how you want to get ‘settled’.

Nothing beats a good home when are done with your tough workday eh, maybe that’s why they taught us when
we were kids, ‘Home Sweet Home.

So for all of you out there, who are at the home, express and shower your love when you are still around.

And for all of us, who aren’t, fear not,
Apna time ayega.

[Also do let me know the crazy planning’s you have done to get at home in the comment section below.]
* – Names changed. Or are they?

Till next time,
Pyar Karo dil se, Jeeyo dil se.

Yours only,
Dinesh Raja.
A lover of life.
20th October 2021.

What If I lose my Father?

As I am waiting for my train after talking to a dear friend, who’s father just expired, I am clouded by this thought of … What will happen when I lose my Appa?

Who’s going to guide me? Who’s going to scold me? Who’s going to walk me? Who’s going to admonish me? Who’s going to fly me? Who’s going to love me?

But sooner or later, it is the reality we have to face.

Our parents, our Amma, Our Appa are going to die. They are going to go far far away. They are going to become, as they say, the stars, the Northern star more like.

One day, when we return home, they are not going to open the door. Open their hearts wide open for us.

Home coming

There will be someone else to do that of course, but if you listen closely you will hear the absence of their presence, and presence of their subtle silence.

If you have got someone anyone today, who metaphorically opens the door, tell them you care for them. Hug them and tell them you love them.

Give your parents a big tight hug and let them know how much you love them, no matter what.

Let us pledge to make our parents to feel more special. More liked. More respected. More loved.

Yours Only, Dinesh Raja.