That is why my friend, you shouldn’t wake up to reality

Do you have a dream?
Then you must know about your desires.

A human being is lifeless without desires, without dreams

I realise through various forms of life experimentation,
Humans need desire, without which, they cannot live. period.

It is a crucial and critical part of existence, one that we rarely notice, let alone pause on thinking about our existence. For men many, it scares them. It makes brittle as if you wake up one morning at 9.27 am and it comes to you, that you thought you are living with your free will, and all the choices you made were by you, leading to the point in life that you are in, all these and much more… comes to standstill.

And it comes to you, you are nothing but a puppet in the vast world of certain uncertainties.

Your version of the world that you were living in, is just a result of certain unseen, unsaid rules of Mother Nature, the Cosmos and least, society.

Bring back on the topic – Desire! Is one such rule.
Don’t think so?

Let’s prove it in three steps in 2 mins.
1. Take your right hand. (Yeah shift the phone to the other one.)
2. Bring your Index finger and thumb at the ala of the nose.
3. Pinch it softly for just … 2 mins.

Without the primal desire to breathe, we all humans will be dead right after we land on this earth after 9 months of blissful ignorance.

One may argue that it is a need to breathe, just like eating and sleeping.
But let me point it out, the need is a noun and the desire is a verb.
Meaning without desires, even our needs will be meaningless.

Now delving deeper, we need to have that desire and need in us, much like Ying Yang one cannot exist without the other. Without the underlying need and the constant forthcoming desire we, for that matter any living matter, would not live.

Now, this goes as basic as it goes for our basic needs.
By the way, we never realise we function on the rules created by the cosmos all the time we exist within her.
Good that we foolish humans don’t pay attention, for one eternal saying, ignorance is surely bliss.
A bliss so much gratifying that it drives us enough not to kill ourselves and complete the cycle of life.
Life and Death.

Now coming to the subtler aspects of it.
Once we are done with our survival, our desires run out, they disappear since the need has been duly fulfilled. We have a need to be added upon by further needs over the basics ones that we already function on.
After food, clothing, and shelter, it is time for relationships.

Taking a detour one realises the life we live in is very much structured like a game on infinite pursuit unto death. Our pursuits never end, dear death conveniently puts the pursuiter at rest. Once and for all.
Or is it?

I think these would do for the time being. A little nudge to our careless existence.
I would be talking about it in the upcoming nights.
Do you care to listen?
Rather do you want to listen?


Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
The one who experiences.

As Appa drifts away…

As the silhouette of Appa fades away, I ponder, will he be waiting for me in heaven?

It’s a fine evening at Trichy’s Central Railway Station, it is the type of winter climate where in you feel Lil chills but don’t put on thermals :P. I am here, standing on the railing of Madurai Express, towards Aamchi Mumbai.

My heart beats slow, as if even he yearns for the company of Appa, and already feels his absence somehow.
My breathing is shallow as my hand waves goodbye to him.
The Setting Sun is spewing the last of its melancholic light rays on the ever-ready Indian Railways train, the ever-tired platform and on us.

This time I will be gone for a long time, away from home, away from the place where you can feel the warmth of the womb, where you can be yourself in toto and you don’t have to wear any mask, play any role, just you and your crazy, hatke, loved ones.

As the train glides slowly, as if she understands goodbyes and purposefully gives us that extra time to part with our dear ones; his black outline starts to disappear, the platforms slip from the vision into pieces of the rectangular garden then just tracks, empty tracks, and I can’t help thinking, what if this is the last day, I am seeing him.

Metaphorically, speaking, in this train journey of life, there are stops, at which, unknowingly or knowingly, whether we like it or not, we have to bid adieu to people we care for. Though we all know this fact, we hardly give it a thought, and rarely accept it.

Do you know what the scariest part is, we shall never know when it is!

So the only power that rests with us, is to get our farewells right.

Leave things on a good note.
Complete that closure.
Say those words.
Hug them tight.

Express your love. Give that extra care. Share that warmth.

Harry Potter

On another note, (for all the Harry Potter lovers out there), don’t you think our parents are going to be the first ones to receive us on that cold, white, heavenly platform, with arms wide open waiting to give us that big tight hug?

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
the one who feels.

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What a wonderful piece or write up!
I am pretty impressed that a young girl has penned such a a beautifully descriptive story!
Kudos to you!
You have immense potential in you.
You can do anything you set your mind to!
I believe in you Iniya 🙂

World of Iniya

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All my life, I had grown up on a coral pink sand island amidst a ring of others that looked the same.I wasn’t allowed to leave this space. It was a reliable system and my parents and grandparents had lived this way for decades. I could have too. But the stories, they lured me. Despite being on an Island, I never learnt to sail…

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Are you listening to your symphony?

Are you listening to your symphony?

As I am washing the dishes, consciously, watching and observing each movement my hand makes, a thought comes to my mind, ‘Doesn’t life actually pass very slow?’

If your presence is there at each touch of your fingertip, and you can feel the varying sensation of each breath you take, don’t you think that life actually flows calmly?

In our race against time, we forget to live, we just function by default, controlled by our set patterns of thoughts and habits. We fail to be in the moment.

Credits: incimages

We just exist as if a song is on repeat with no one listening, it keeps on playing throughout our lives and we miss out on the beautiful melody that has been playing for a long time.

But again, when you are entirely in the present, you observe that time flows much slower, may because you can feel each musical note as it rises and falls, maybe because you notice the change in timbre or attenuation in the tones.

credits: statnews

It makes me come back to the same question that few conscious humans of entire mankind, have been asking,’ Is life worth living?’, assuming that we shall return back to nothingness, just as we were born of nothingness.

It is funny to see the irony, if you are unconscious you overlook the symphony playing, on the other side when you are conscious enough to feel each beat, you think about whether it is worth living for.

Maybe it all depends on the song we are playing.

If we like the song we may hum, or tap to the beat of it. But again, you can’t always do the things you love, right? Inevitably, you will have to perform mundane, dry tasks which you don’t enjoy much, but have to do for the sake of living.

Since, we don’t have the power to control the playlists, as in life, we can just request to the one playing it, we have to bear both sides of it, relish things which we adore, and endure the ones which we don’t.

credits: VocalImages

And you have the choice to do this only when you do something – ‘

Being completely in the present and listening to the melody.’

But again, what do you think, are you listening to the symphony?

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
The one who questions.

The White Coat is our comfort zone, isn’t it?

When you lay back, and remove your doctor’s coat, you realise that comfortable warmness wearing down. And you miss it, consciously or unconsciously.

As much as we deserve the respect and pat-on-the-back, we have been too habituated in seeking them, and we don’t even realise it.

It is as if, when we go out there, in the open society, when we look unto the eyes of fellow humans on our right side, we expect them to bow down and a give us that single look which says it all.

Like we yearn for people to give us appreciation and tell us how much they are grateful to us. On a basic level, it is very valid, considering the work, and the sacrifice we make. But what I feel is we go wrong, when we are misguided and attach it to our ego.

I may be completely wrong when I pen down this.
But as a spectator, seeing from both the eyes of a layman and a medico, this comes to me.

I feel, as if, on a spiritual level, we have become an ego-feeding-machine-cum-healer.

my dear comrades of medicine,
what do you think?
What are your views?

Yours Only,
Dr Dinesh Raja,
The Wild Thinker.
June 20, 2022

If leaving the campus doesn’t make you cry, you haven’t lived a college life

It is as if we were all baby birds chirping cheerfully yesterday, then tomorrow we need to pack up our back and fly out of our home, our college; unto an unknown, strange sky.

When you hit the first step here, the trees greet you with their gentle rustling.

When you take a breath here, the breeze swells you up with warmth.

When you look up, the stars are showering their protective spells upon you.

When you try to find your way, the signage by the road, find you and guides you.

When you enter the hostel, the walls welcome you with a hug.

When you get into your room, she snuggles you up and sings you a lullaby.

When you eat in the canteen, the simple poha puts a smile on your face.

When you sleep late, your roommate’s alarm wakes you up.

When you walk towards the lecture halls, the ancient benches calm your heart down.

When the professor comes up, you feel like a Wizard, Harry potter yourself.

When you do your first night out, even the warden yells, ‘get out, and your buddies cheer you up aloud.

When you try the first things, you realise, how much you act like stupid beings.

When you have late-night talks, nothing compares to it, with a walk

When you propose, that’s when your life gets its course.

When you fall in love, poor soul, in the hell you dove.

When your heart is broken, your friends make sure something else too.

When you pass out, bless the soul, which cleans your lot.

When the exams are prime, the sleep is forsaken for another time.

When you are done with the last year, you wish for just one more year.

When you enter the hospital, you feel like an adult already.

When you live like an intern, you feel like a helpless, naive kitten.

When you graduate, you realise that it is getting real.

When your juniors give you farewell, you feel the big brother flowing out of you.

When you chill in the evenings, you realise, you are going to miss these innings.

When you are on the terrace, the city drenched in the cold night gives you a kiss.

When you leave the campus, you feel like you are leaving your own mother.

When you have to get up and move out, you feel like somebody is dragging you, from her soothing lap, away.

When you finally start to fly, that’s when you realise, she was nursing you all these times.
You can never go back.

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja,
The one who feels.

Why do we need to marry?

Why do we need to marry?

Why can’t we simply exist and live in the world?

Is Marriage
Or is it something that the society has made it,
marketed it well and
brainwashed us into believing it to be.

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If love is your answer;
Why can’t we love all?
Why can’t we love our loved ones the way we love our special ones.
Why can’t we do that?

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If kids are your answer;
Why can’t we simply have a collective nursery; Wherein, each child there is yours and is not.
Yet you love and care for them.
Or better, do we need really need to tie down, two humans, to raise a child?

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If Intimacy is your answer;
Why can’t we be intimate with people we like and love.
Why do we restrict ourselves to just a single person throughout our lives?

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If Money/Security is your answer;
Are we so much selfish that we are ready to live a life with someone who we don’t love but like their status or the safety which they offer?
Or are we being dumb here?

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If Companionship is your answer;
In this transient world of hyper-connectiveness, why can’t we develop a strong bond of pure energy that stays unbreakable, no matter what?
Why can’t we have companionship with other hoomans as well?

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If Making love is your answer;
Why can’t we make love to the many loved ones cherish?
Why does it have to be pure, animal-like, stinking of just pure flesh?
Mind you, I am not here talking about lust.
I am talking about the expression of a pure form of love through making love.
Why can’t we cuddle other than the one?
Why can’t we snuggle other than the knotted person?
Why can’t we freely express our love through our bodies?

Do we really require chains to love and to be loved?
Do we need cages to be selectively made love to?

Who started all of this anyway?
And why are all of us believing in it so blindly, so diligently?

Why is it that to even question this, we become frightful, fall into the forever abyss of self-doubt, and wondering is something wrong with ourselves?

Why don’t we have a free society where we can question anything and everything?

Coming back to the topic at hand.

Aren’t we too much harsh, to expect everything above mentioned


What happens if your partner doesn’t or let’s say, CAN’T provide you on a platter all the dishes you just ordered?
Be it his/her own will or shortcomings or no fault of her own.
What if she simply can’t provide you with that, why are we so harsh on them?
Why do we behave so evil to them?

No human is holistically developed. Every man has his own natural and acquired mistakes.

In the first place, Why do we EXPECT so MUCH from a SINGLE HUMAN BEING?
Why do we DEMAND so much from a SINGLE RELATIONSHIP?

Why can’t we have multiple loved ones?
Why can’t we have different humans for the same?

Do we really need to settle with just a single one?

The One who sees, listens, feels everything,
And then questions them.