Generation of broken hearts and broken people !!!

We live in a world that’s moving faster than ever before. We are constantly connected, always on the go, and always chasing the next big thing. But in the midst of all this progress, we’ve lost something important. We’ve lost the ability to connect with each other on a deeper level. We’ve lost the ability […]

Generation of broken hearts and broken people !!!

That funny guy

Meet Imran, Guys like Imran often get labeled as ‘that funny guy, and rarely do people even consider the fact that there is a lot more to them than just wisecracks. Imran, much like Chandler Bing from Friends, uses humor as a defense mechanism. There is a lot of sadness buried within him (something that […]

That funny guy


What a wonderful piece or write up!
I am pretty impressed that a young girl has penned such a a beautifully descriptive story!
Kudos to you!
You have immense potential in you.
You can do anything you set your mind to!
I believe in you Iniya 🙂

World of Iniya

My vision is blurred. All I can see is golden light. I try moving my hands, but I can’t feel them. Am I dead? Yeah probably. Maybe trying to run away- no sail away from the only home I’d known on a flimsy boat I’d made myself wasn’t such a great idea after all. But I feel a gentle rocking movement beneath me. One I lived with. The waves. Huh who knew? It seems like heaven has blue waters as well. Or they followed me here.

All my life, I had grown up on a coral pink sand island amidst a ring of others that looked the same.I wasn’t allowed to leave this space. It was a reliable system and my parents and grandparents had lived this way for decades. I could have too. But the stories, they lured me. Despite being on an Island, I never learnt to sail…

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It’s scary to think about PG.

It’s scary to think about how in 4 months, we all will be done with our GMC, our graduation, our college life.

This thought is sinking one sand grain at a time unto my thick Indian skull. And everytime I pass by this unwanted guest of a thought, it scares me.

You ask what? I don’t know. May be it is scary that I will be leaving home again, and will live among strange new people.

May be it is scary that I will be moving out of hostel, the friends, the canteen, the lecture halls, the terrace.

May be it is scary that I have to outgrow my belonging which I have been since 6 years.

6 years is sure enough to make a grown up man cry while bading good byes to your mates, your college life.

May be it is scary that I have to be with new people, live in a new place, work in a new setup, eat at new resto, it’s intimidating that I have to leave all my familiarities that have gathered all these years.

May be it is scary to pop out of the safe confinements of this campus.

Facing ones fear is a part of that shitty adulting right. So let’s face it.

Yes, my life here in college is done. Now I have to unfurl my wings again and fly to a new oasis.

And it’s okay to be scared my amigo.

If anything college life has taught me is, ‘Life goes on.’

All that matters from here now, to be here in the moment, buckle up the seatbelt, and enjoy the ride, dil se.

P.S. Do listen to the beautifully apt song ‘Udd ja Parindey’ from soulful Jubin Nautiyal, composed by talented Mithoon, it will hit you on different level, trust me.

Yours Only, Dinesh Raja, A proud GMCite.



Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped thinking? All of us may have gotten this thought about our purpose of coming in this world. Some of us were hesitant to act upon it, while others pursued this quest and found the answer through introspection and penance. But it wouldn’t be possible had […]


A good thought provoking article on the science of thinking and contemplation.
Simple language.
Clearly presented.
Nice flow of ideas.

Do give it a read!

Buzz words
Cognitive dissonance.
Cognitive dissonance is a theory in social psychology. It refers to the mental conflict that occurs when a person’s behaviors and beliefs do not align. ^1


Sadhguru Reveals His Productivity and Time Management Secret – A YT Review

Time: 7 mins

It’s a simple, lucid, great video talking about our mind and productivity.

Why should you watch?
1. Struggling with productivity?
2. Emotional baggage?
3. Stressed at all times?

Good points to note: –
-A good question deserves a great answer.
-Struggle within
-Live life with Ease.
-Work joyfully, work must be an expression of Joy.
-Life of perception>Life of expression.
-Intelligence working against themselves.

Observation about Sadhguru
1. Humor
2. Composure
3. ‘T’ Shaped person
4. Tamil/Culture
5. Witty

P.S.: Music: Amazing background score by Leonell Casio, A Magical Journey through space.
It’s worth listening again and again.

All credits reserved to the creator, thee and the one who spoke.
The review is not meant to hurt any entity, person or thing.

Increase Your Will Power – a YT Review

It’s a nice simply silly video.
What are my thoughts and opinions about it?

We need true friends to discuss life, careers and dreams.
It’s only through symbiosis that we humans can prosper and grow.

Talk about money
It’s high time everyone talks about Financial literacy. The sad thing about money is that everyone talks about it but nobody understands it. It’s such a basic necessary skill that almost no one pays attention to but affects one’s life the most.

Only when you know you are going to die, you live dil se.

Struggle and Success stories sell the most
Almost everyone likes to hear success stories.
It’s as if you want to sell a brand, give a series of talks on how excruciating the struggle was, and lo behold, you create a niche of people rooting for you.
Just like in reality shows, where only the harsh stories are shown.

My scepticism
I sometimes wonder whether the struggles of so-called speakers are for real or are they overblown for the sake of lecture and showing how great their product/company/life is.

Never give up
I like the note on not giving up.

I agree here, it’s worth not giving up.

Yours Only,
Dinesh Raja
A Sceptical Otaku