What a wonderful piece or write up!
I am pretty impressed that a young girl has penned such a a beautifully descriptive story!
Kudos to you!
You have immense potential in you.
You can do anything you set your mind to!
I believe in you Iniya 🙂

World of Iniya

My vision is blurred. All I can see is golden light. I try moving my hands, but I can’t feel them. Am I dead? Yeah probably. Maybe trying to run away- no sail away from the only home I’d known on a flimsy boat I’d made myself wasn’t such a great idea after all. But I feel a gentle rocking movement beneath me. One I lived with. The waves. Huh who knew? It seems like heaven has blue waters as well. Or they followed me here.

All my life, I had grown up on a coral pink sand island amidst a ring of others that looked the same.I wasn’t allowed to leave this space. It was a reliable system and my parents and grandparents had lived this way for decades. I could have too. But the stories, they lured me. Despite being on an Island, I never learnt to sail…

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