Mission A Platform for humans to share their experiences, knowledge, feelings, wisdom anything and everything related to life.

Quest What makes life worth living?

Dream To make people realise the beauty of life and lead them to love and live dil se.

Core principle. To give pure value addition to all our readers. To make sure when you bade us bye, you are satisfied.

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It’s a man’s world indeed.

As I sit in a local bound to Bombay central, I can’t help but notice, a lone mother amidst an avalanche of Mumbaikar men. She looks so puny and helpless in this Thursday morning train crowd. And I ponder, isn’t it true in the world outside too. Boys whether you notice it or not, believe…

What should I do? My patient just died in my hands.

I am here sitting alone. 7 pm The eerie silence in the side room makes your body cold but your heart alert. There’s sounds everywhere. Here, there’s constant ventilator’s beeping of alive patient divided by intermittent alarms of dying ones.Here being sonorous means you are alive. Welcome to CCU. Where the only thing you dread…

Go,hug her tight.

I just lost a family member today.It feels as if I want to speak out but not a single word comes, mouth parched dry.It feels as if this night has become more melancholic, as if the night is hugging you tightly with immense sadness.It feels as if no song can give the solace you need,…

Yaar yeh baarish

Yaar yeh baarish itni khubsurat kyun hoti hai, ki ek bilkul thake hue insan ko udar hi,Uss pal mai, thama de.Yaar yeh baarish itni haseen kyun hoti hai, Ki koi bhi chint-chinta ho,Usse hava mai yuh mita de.Yaar yeh baarish itni sukoon dayak kyun hoti hai, Ki koi bhi dard ko,Usse wo thandak pohocha de.Yaar…

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